Review: LadyAries and IvyMae #BDSM #Dungeon

By Firefighter:

I was in NYE County for Oktoberfest when Lady Aries and I decided to have a BDSM 3SUM on Saturday October 11th, 2014. I asked Lady Aries which Love Ranch Vegas Courtesan she thought would be an excellent choice for the third participant of our 3SUM party and she recommended Ivy Mae which is exactly what I hoped she would say. I couldn’t have picked better Courtesans than Lady Aries and Ivy Mae to experience my virgin BDSM party.

After negotiations I showered, shaved, brushed my teeth and applied my irresistible Fahrenheit cologne in preparation for the twisted lascivious event. We moved into the Dungeon and Lady Aries assisted by Ivy Mae affixed restraints to my wrists and ankles and then utilized them to secure my naked body to the St. Andrews Cross. Lady Aries initiated my punishment with a discipline paddle and Ivy Mae enthusiastically participated in my torture session. Then Lady Aries used a flogger until I was completely submissive and begged for mercy. I tried to escape but Lady Aries subdued me and used Japanese silk love rope to tie my wrists behind the cross. Then she said the punishment would be more severe since I had been very bad. Shortly thereafter Ivy Mae switched to a larger paddle and continued spanking until my masculine buttocks were cherry red.

I escaped once again and they both overpowered me; the Ladies threw my weakened body onto a very large loveseat. Ivy Mae held me down while Lady Aries used the Wartenberg Wheel to torture my nipples, and my sadistic unmerciful Dommes were sickly giggling as I was writhing and screaming in pain. Next Lady Aries and Ivy Mae put clamps connected by a chain on my nipples and then pulled the chain taunt as I agonized. When I begged for mercy Lady Aries forced me to kiss her cute little size six feet. I wanted to please my Master, so I lovingly sucked her precious little toes too. As if this wasn’t enough they applied adhesive electro-pads over my abdomen and groin areas, connected a Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Digital Power Box and then turned on the juice. I guess I withstood the electrical impulse too well so the unmerciful Ladies moved the pads to my testicles. The Courtesans twenty miles away at Alien Cathouse could probably hear my futile screams when Lady Aries turned up the power, lol.

Later I wanted to switch and be the Master, but my Dommes said they only perform in the roles of dominance and not submission! The Ladies don’t submit to bondage or being tied up, but they only perform in the role of dominance or Masters! After the discipline session that my Masters said was very necessary to get my mind right, the Ladies rewarded their slave with DATY, CBJ, and some awesome CFS. BTW, I was only joking about enduring pain because Lady Aries and Ivy May never hurt me during their Domination scenario, since they are extremely compassionate and loving Ladies.

Lady Aries and Ivy Mae possess the most beautiful athletic feminine bodies I have ever laid my eyes upon! Both Lady Aries and Ivy Mae have magnificent highly toned booties too; Lady Aries 38D and Ivy Mae’s 34B boobies and nipples are breathtakingly lovely to behold and they felt, squeezed and tasted even better.

My lovers and I pleasured one another for what seemed an eternity and made certain we all climaxed to the utmost! This concluded my first BDSM party and I know it can never be excelled since I was totally sexually mesmerized! I highly recommend a Lady Aries and Ivy Mae BDSM 3SUM or GFE party and promise any client will be pleased beyond their wildest dreams and screams! There exist no finer lovers with the lustful expertise of Lady Aries and Ivy Mae!